Bridgerton Afternoon Tea


This will be a trending subject with Bridgerton coming out, including the tea, table clothes, settings, etc they would use in that era and replicate at home

With Bridgerton gliding back into our lives like Daphne and the Duke across a ballroom floor- we can’t get enough of everything the Ton has to offer. Open your waxed sealed invite and seat yourself at the Queen’s table for your fix of gossip courtesy of Lady Whistledown and some traditional English afternoon tea. Let us bestow upon you some tips and advice on how to make your tea fit for the highest of society.

The tradition of afternoon tea first appeared within the English upper class in 1840. The seventh Duchess of Bedford is credited with its creation by seeking to reduce the time between meals. The peckish Duchess asked for a tray of tea, bread, butter and cakes to be brought to her quarters and the ritual became a habit when the duchess invited her friends. Soon, afternoon tea became a fabulously fashionable event frequented by high society ladies in fine gowns, gloves and hats for this pre-dinner feast and the perfect excuse for catching up on the gossip of the time.

In its near 200 year history, afternoon tea has become synonymous with elegance and fine food with many iterations and variations over the years. Afternoon tea isn’t all cucumber sandwiches and scones, you can make it suit your taste and style, sticking with tradition or deciding on something more exotic with our tips.

Ordinarily, the first tier of the tea tower is reserved for more savoury items like sandwiches. Cutting off the crusts and the bread into dainty squares is a wonderful way of making everyday staples feel that bit more stylish. With many types of filling, you can make your tea as traditional or as inventive as you like in order to suit your party. Cucumber, salmon and ham are safe options or look to add a little spice with chicken tikka or similar, the choice is yours. Don’t forget to include small bites, single-serving, one-bite items like dainty pastries or mini-quiches, which are not only adorable but also rather practical.

The middle tier is a natural spot for your scones. Served with mouth-wateringly delicious clotted cream and strawberry jam. Whether you opt for jam or cream first on your scone, this contentious issue is up to you and your guests to discuss and decide upon.

The top tier is reserved for your tiny, sweet delicacies. Opt for a splash and decadence with the beautifully delicate and incredibly delicious french macaroon or dainty cupcakes to top your stand with a pop of colour. Edible flowers are often a showstopper, taking your tea to that extra level of style and good taste.

All this talk is making us a little thirsty. Something to drink? Teapots, cups and saucers are an afternoon tea must and have long been associated with socialising and catching up with the latest gossip. Sticking out your pinkie finger might not be necessary but serve your tea with a small jug of milk and a bowl of sugar so your guests can take their tea to their taste. Or if you’d prefer, fruit teas are a refreshing option too. Why not splash out with something sparkling. A great addition to make your tea stand out is to add a glass or flute of champagne or sparkling wine to get your guests in the mood for an afternoon tea turned evening soiree.

Setting your table setting for this gathering is an opportunity to pull out the stops and display your hosting prowess. A Three-tiered cake stand differentiates your tea time from just sandwiches and tea to a rather grander affair. Don’t have a stand to hand? Place a cup or tumbler upside down on a plate and place a plate on top of that to create that layered tower effect.

What’s an event without a little acoustic accompaniment? Music maestro! Although the vocal talents of Soprano Ms Sienna might not be available, why not find a Bridgerton inspired playlist to set the mood. Spotify hosts the official Bridgerton playlist here with the atmospheric Vitamin String Quartet’s marvellous classical pop renditions. Or search for something similar on YouTube to give your tea an air of elegance with a modern twist.

Talking setting the scene; flowers are a great way to add a touch of natural glamour without much expense. Choose something bright and beautiful to delight your guests and make your table setting more inviting. Choose a white or lace tablecloth to help elevate your everyday surroundings into a grand setting for your tea.

Your table is set and your tea is brewing but what to wear? A trip to the modiste might be out of the question but a venture to your wardrobe is a great opportunity to wear those items that don’t usually see the light of day. Whether you’re a fan of dressing up or not, maximise your experience by choosing something you wouldn’t usually opt for and immerse yourself in this regency experience.

Take a leaf out of the Featherington book and go for the most colourful pieces, your wardrobe has to offer, or for the Bridgerton family’s subtle elegance with pastels, lavender and duck egg blue hues. Anything silky, lace and ribbon will have you feeling like the diamond of the season whether you choose to go all out with a gown or pair a luxurious top with jeans. A little bit of dressing up will make it a memorable event. Still looking for some inspiration? Check out this article for your list of Bridgerton inspired gowns. Don’t forget to add your most sparkling jewels to catch the eyes of the other attendees to your tea and show off your status as the talk of the town.

Your carriage awaits and it’s time for tea, remember your manners and we are sure that you’ll be a delightful diamond of the first water and host the most exquisite event of the seaon!