Written by Sam Graham


One of the beauties of today’s generation is its eagerness to live a healthier lifestyle.  Smoking and drinking statistics are decreasing, and more people are choosing low fat, low cholesterol foods over a plate of grease-laden chips. After all, who doesn’t want to feel good about how they fuel their bodies? Up until recently, the very notion of the ‘healthy takeaway’ has been an oxymoron and not really taken seriously. “Takeaways are meant to be bad for you” people used to say, but that was then and this is now.

Takeaways have been cropping up online left, right and centre. Delivery websites like Just Eat and Hungry House now list local takeaways that cater towards a balanced diet, and we couldn’t be happier. From grilled chicken with brown rice and vegetables, to steak and halloumi burgers in a protein bun, what’s not to love? With sides that include everything from sweet potato fries to fruit smoothies and protein-based desserts, whatever your reason for ordering a takeway: maybe you work shifts, maybe you got home late, maybe you just can’t be bothered to cook tonight? There’s no reason NOT to try and eat well. You’ll thank yourself later for choosing the healthier option too.


Going one step further, some of these health food ordering services even offer meal prep packages and subscriptions. This means they’ll supply you with enough pre-made meals to last up to a week, 2 weeks, a month, however long you want. All you have to do is order, book your delivery, and then cook once your freshly-made meals arrive.

This pre-planning idea is utilised by top athletes and fitness fanatics all over the world, and with good reason: it works. Besides, who likes cooking every single night? It’s easier to just order a massive batch at the weekend, separate foods into tupperware boxes and freeze them until you’re ready to eat.

Meal prep packages from the likes of Fresh Fitness Food and Prepp’d offer a delicious range of set menus, packed with all the necessary macronutrient info on the labels. Since these figures are already worked out for you in advance, and many meal prep providers have their nutritional info uploaded onto Just-Eat and myfitnesspal; could this culinary time-saver be the future of food delivery services? Let’s hope so.

One argument you may hear against healthy takeaways and meal prep plans is that they’re more expensive. But ask yourself this: isn’t any takeaway on the pricey side? Ordering food online always costs more than cooking for yourself, no matter how you spin it. If it does cost a couple of quid more, think of this as paying to avoid any post-dinner guilt. It’d be a shame to derail all that great progress you’ve made over a few extra coins. And if you’re still at the beginning of your journey towards a cleaner lifestyle, think of this as a trusty backup for the days when you just don’t have time to prepare meals from scratch.

Of course, eating healthy is only half of the story. So find your preferred online TDEE calculator if you haven’t already, figure out those all important macros, then build yourself a balanced diet around it. Here’s to your healthy year ahead!